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Dec 16, 2018

In the waning days of the summer of 1964, a bow hunter got separated from his party and became lost in a vast track of Northern California forest… but as nerve wracking as the prospect of spending the night alone with only a bow and a few arrows for protection must have been, it would be nothing compared to...

Dec 9, 2018

On an autumn evening in 1965, a group of British youths were cruising the town when one of them had a terrifying encounter with a fiery fiend that would leave him scarred for life.

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3D Printed...

Dec 2, 2018

The 2 for 1 Mystery Bag Monday! 

Sugar Bundle
Not long after the turn of the 20th Century two armed guards had a brief but terrifying encounter with an entity of unknown origin that possessed a bizarre defense mechanism, which seems like it might have been culled straight from a classic sci-fi comic… were it not for...

Nov 29, 2018

Paranormal babies, existential orgasms and time travel scams. You’ve been squatched!

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Bride-to-be Amethyst Realm is about to marry a ghost — and says they’ve already consummated the marriage

Nov 26, 2018

While this flying, ape-faced monstrosity may share the same moniker as the affectionate, yellow plumed character adored by millions on Sesame Street, anyone who encountered this abomination in the late 1970s will tell you that this creature is anything but lovable.

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